Bresser is the name of a famous street in Brás neighborhood, in the city of São Paulo. It is crossed by Visconde de Parnaíba Street, where there is the "House of the immigrant" since middle XIX century, today totally preserved and rebaptized as "Museum of the Immigrant".

Most of the European immigrants who arrived in Brazil passed by there, coming from Italy and Spain.

Some of the immigrants were selected to go to coffee farms and others remained around the "House of the Immigrant", where there was some infra structure to live.

As time passed by, the immigrants who succeeded to establish themselves had initiated, even without knowing, the settling of a neighborhood that tells the history of the strong economic development of the region, and of consequence, of the city of São Paulo.

Its traditions and customs influenced the rest of the population, which soon would surrender to the delights of the immigrants cuisine - mainly the italian.

The pizza was introduced as the most appreciated piece of the European cuisine. The new restaurants, trattorias, bars, groceries and all the places dedicated to food commerce had included on its menu the new trend.

In 1946, in one of Bresser street's peaceful villages called Vila Judite, one of the idealizers of Mercearia Bresser was born.

He used to go to his neighbors'houses, hear their adventures, histories and dreams. At that time, he started learning the secrets of the pizza preparation , always believing that one day it would be the main dish served to the people of São Paulo. He didn't know he was predicting the thundering success that surpassed not only Brás neighborhood, but the city of São Paulo and others states of Brazil.

In homage to the people of Curitiba, who appreciate the excellence of the good table, the pioneer - who still actively participates on the restaurant's management - decided to establish the first house in the city. Accurately settled on Sete de Setembro Avenue, which was the way of the caravans that crossed Curitiba, carrying the cattle from the state of Rio Grande do Sul to São Paulo and the fields of Minas Gerais. These caravans have started the region commerce, and made Curitiba the headquarters of the district in 1812.

By telling a little of the origins of the name Mercearia Bresser, its integration to the city of Curitiba and Sete de Setembro Avenue, we hope to always offer our customers the best and exclusive ingredients, in a environment that faithful reproduces the warehouses and groceries of old Brás, we invite you to feel the great flavor of the traditional pizza from São Paulo.